Saturday 19 May 2012

The worst joke ever.

For me, the weirdest thing about the Rebekah Brooks saga has been that I used to work with one of her family.
I used to temp, which sucked. One of the worst things was the fact that I never had my own login. in this one place, it had the kind of login that was your first initial followed by these first five letters of your surname. So I would have been cbrosn.

But I had to use someone else's. Specifically, abrook. It prompted a kind of existential crisis. Because I'm not abrook.

So I had mixed feelings before I asked who abrook was. "oh, that's Adam Brooks. He's on holiday. He's Rebekah Brooks' son."

Yeah. at this point, ambivalence slipped over to hate.

And when he came back from holiday, he introduced himself and put out his hand.

And I snubbed him. I said hello, but I didn't return the handshake. And I didn't feel good about that. And I was, to be honest, a bit of an arse.

After a few days, he came up to me, and he wanted to go for coffee. He wanted to talk about my problems with him. And we talked, and he turned out to be a nice guy.

And it taught me a very valuable lesson.

Don't judge abrook by his mother.


  1. I dunno, man, it's no "better snake than lever"...

  2. Though in the interest of full disclosure, I've used a variant on this a few times, about the foolishness of assuming your ex's new boyfriend is just as bad in bed as he was: never judge a fuck by his lover.

    This didn't help my continued attempts to correct all those people who're sure I'm gay, of course.