Magic Falls 10-17 - The Bretton Circle

The second complete story - Magic circles, fairies and missing children.

Magic Falls - Part Ten
All the fallout from the explosive conversation in part seven. Are Darren and Nina through? 
Magic Falls - Part Eleven 
A missing child and a mysterious stranger make for a dangerous mystery for Darren.
Magic Falls - Part Twelve
The nature of magic revealed? And the dark secrets at the heart of Bretton Hall.
Magic Falls - Part Thirteen
Darren and Jack investigate fairies. A big surprise for Darren, and the importance of Widdershins.
Magic Falls - Part Fourteen
Who is the mysterious Jamie Moore? Friend or foe?
Magic Falls Part Fifteen
Darren has crossed the fairy ring. He is somewhere else. Somewhere frightening.
Magic Falls Part Sixteen
Darren is in the land of faerie. Now, will he be forced to dance forever?
Magic Falls Part Seventeen (NEW 29/04)
The end of the second story arc. Fairies, missing children and threats.

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