Magic Falls - Free Serial Novel

2013 is the year it all happens. The world will end. The final war will be fought. Magic will fall.

Magic Falls is a continuing weekly serial in 52 parts. It's original and free. I'm not allowed to start writing a part until the previous part is published. A new section will be added each Monday night.

Magic Falls - Part One (The Return part 1)
Darren is reunited with Nina, his dead wife. But how? What's happened? 2013 kicks off with a bang.
Magic Falls - Part Two (The Return part 2)
With the ravens dead, Darren is scared. Will a conspiracy theorist be able to help?
Magic Falls - Part Three (The Return part 3)
Meeting Jack doesn't go as planned, and a spooky lottery result suggests something strange is happening.
Magic Falls - Part Four (The Return part 4)
How do you solve a problem like Maria? A fortune teller is predicting more than just stars....
Magic Falls - Part Five  (The Return part 5)
Magic is real. It's confirmed. But are Darren's secrets coming back to bite him?
Magic Falls - Part Six (The Return part 6)
Nina has found out about Darren's secrets, and she wants the truth.
Magic Falls - Part Seven (The Return part 7)
The big one. What is Darren's secret? How will Nina react? What is going on?
Magic Falls - Part Eight (StageCraft part 1)
First of a two part interlude: Meet Shane Smith, a stage magician who can actually read minds. But he finds out more than he expected.
Magic Falls - Part Nine (StageCraft part 2)
Part two: You're on stage. You find out the person opposite you is a murderer. What do you do?
Magic Falls - Part Ten (The Bretton Circle part 1)
All the fallout from the explosive conversation in part seven. Are Darren and Nina through?
Magic Falls - Part Eleven  (The Bretton Circle part 2)
A missing child and a mysterious stranger make for a dangerous mystery for Darren.
Magic Falls - Part Twelve (The Bretton Circle part 3)
The nature of magic revealed? And the dark secrets at the heart of Bretton Hall.
Magic Falls - Part Thirteen (The Bretton Circle part 4)
Darren and Jack investigate fairies. A big surprise for Darren, and the importance of Widdershins.
Magic Falls - Part Fourteen (The Bretton Circle part 5)
Who is the mysterious Jamie Moore? Friend or foe?
Magic Falls Part Fifteen (The Bretton Circle part 6)
Darren has crossed the fairy ring. He is somewhere else. Somewhere frightening.
Magic Falls Part Sixteen (The Bretton Circle part 7)
Darren is in the land of faerie. Now, will he be forced to dance forever?
Magic Falls Part Seventeen (The Bretton Circle part 8)
The end of the second story arc. Fairies, missing children and threats.
Magic Falls Part Eighteen (Headlines part 1)
When Magic seems to be real, what do you put in the Newspaper?
Magic Falls Part Nineteen (Headlines part 2)
The Newspaper source revealed - Who else would it be?
Magic Falls Part Twenty (The Summoning part 1)
With Nina missing, where can Darren turn?
Magic Falls Part Twenty One (The Summoning part 2)
Maria and Darren perform a seance. What could possibly go wrong?
Magic Falls Part Twenty Two (The Summoning part 3)
Ph'nglui mgw'nafh cthulhu r'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn
Magic Falls Part Twenty Three  (The Summoning part 4)
What have they summoned?
Magic Falls Part Twenty Four (The Summoning part 5)
Who is the son of the demon? Is Darren the killer of all?
Magic Falls Part Twenty Five (The Summoning part 6)
The seance reaches a disturbing conclusion with a message for Darren.
Magic Falls Part Twenty Six (Red Tape part 1 of 2)
As Magic Falls reaches the halfway point, the government get involved. And who do they have captive?
Magic Falls Part Twenty Seven (Red Tape part 2 of 2)
The second half of Magic Falls kicks off with the biggest, most public event that has happened yet. No turning back now.
Magic Falls Part Twenty Eight
What on earth is going on at Trafalgar Square. And a long-running story point is finally revealed.
Magic Falls Part Twenty Nine NEW
A sword in a stone at Trafalgar Square. And now, Jack takes centre stage as we start to find out what the hell is going on.
Magic Falls Part Thirty
Why London is the magical centre of the world.
Magic Falls Part Thirty One
Darren's been forced to go public by Jack - but an even bigger betrayal is waiting for him.

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