Magic Falls 1-7 - The Return

This was the first story-arc in Magic Falls. So this is a complete seven part storyline.

Magic Falls - Part One
Darren is reunited with Nina, his dead wife. But how? What's happened? 2013 kicks off with a bang. 
Magic Falls - Part Two
With the ravens dead, Darren is scared. Will a conspiracy theorist be able to help? 
Magic Falls - Part Three
Meeting Jack doesn't go as planned, and a spooky lottery result suggests something strange is happening. 
Magic Falls - Part Four
How do you solve a problem like Maria? A fortune teller is predicting more than just stars....
Magic Falls - Part Five 
Magic is real. It's confirmed. But are Darren's secrets coming back to bite him? 
Magic Falls - Part Six
Nina has found out about Darren's secrets, and she wants the truth.
Magic Falls - Part Seven
The big one. What is Darren's secret? How will Nina react? What is going on? 

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