Saturday 11 October 2014

DEADLINES - all about my new book

DEADLINES - out on Wednesday!

DEADLINES is a crime thriller and is my first full-length novel. It will be published in 10 parts over at starting on Wednesday 15 October.

What's the story about?

Two reporters at The Sentinel newspaper, Gemma Masterton and David Levy, investigate the suspicious death of a colleague and begin to uncover something large, complicated and dangerous. As events spiral out of control, their lives are put in danger.

How often do the parts come out?

They come out every Wednesday for ten weeks, starting on 14 October. You also get some free bonus material with each stave.

What's a 'stave'?

The sections of the novel are called 'Staves', which is what they were called back when novels were published serially in Victorian times.

What kind of bonus material?

A mixture of things. The Pigeonhole have taken a fun, innovative approach. There are photos, social media tie-ins, essays, music playlists, video interviews and podcasts.

What do other people think about The Pigeonhole?

Well, here's just some of the coverage:
“The app's minimalist design is superb – I haven't enjoyed reading on my phone until now”
“Hurrah for The Pigeonhole”
“Now, after a century of neglect, the art of the cliffhanger is experiencing a revival”

So, how will it work?

If you have an iPhone, there's an app which makes it insanely easy to read both the novel and the bonus material. If you don't, you can read both on their website which is also optimised for mobiles and tablets. You can also download the novel for the Kindle as well. So, basically, if you can read this, you can read DEADLINES.

How much is it?

50p per stave. You pay at the end, and if you decide it's not for you, you can cancel during it and only pay for the parts you've subscribed to.

Why is it being published serially?

Because serial stories are a huge amount of fun. Look at TV - Mad Men, Breaking Bad, The Killing, Broadchurch... shows like this are partially fun because they keep you waiting to see what will happen, in a sort of sweet torture, especially after particularly evil cliffhangers. And as the book goes on, there are some very evil cliffhangers.

What if I join in while it's in progress?

Yes. You can buy all the previous staves at any point.

Will it be coming out in print?

It might do eventually. The best way to ensure that it'll come out in print is to support the serialisation. So, if you're interested, please do sign up.

What else does The Pigeonhole offer?

Well, you can get involved in discussions about the book, as there's a discussion area. There are also four other books available, including WISDOM HACKERS (a non-fiction series), SEX STAVES (erotic short stories), GREAT EXPECTATIONS (the Dickens story, which was originally published serially) and REDPOINT (which has already been completed).

How do I subscribe?

Go to and sign up to the site for free. Once you've joined (and possibly downloaded the app, if you're so inclined), you can subscribe to DEADLINES. Please note, you will need to subscribe once you've joined.

How do you feel about it?

Nervous and excited. Getting reactions as it goes through is both something I'm looking forward to and something I'm terrified of. But I think the Pigeonhole is doing something that's so much fun, I'm incredibly excited and honoured to be part of their launch lineup. So, please, do get involved.

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